Antoni Palau

Antoni Palau Ibars is a Biologist. He holds an undergraduate and doctotal degrees at the University of Barcelona. His research interests include applied limnology, physics and chemistry of water in rivers and the design and implementation of biotic indices based on benthic macroinvertebrates (e.g. the Segre Biotic Index –IBS-). He has coordinated research analysis and quantification of the effects of dams and reservoirs on rivers and river restoration projects. Most notably, he has also led studies to design methods to calculate and estimate maintenance flows (or ecological), being the author of the QBM methodology. Recently, he has worked on studies on the control of alien invasive species (zebra mussel) and the proliferation of macrophytes in large Iberian rivers (Segre, Ebro rivers). Internationally, he has participated or conducted limnological studies in Portugal, France, Peru, Chile and Mongolia.

He is currently working at the environmental management of reservoirs and regulated rivers, such as Environment Manager of Hydro Power Plants (Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, Endesa) and Senior Lecturer at the University of Lleida (Department of Environment and Soil Sciences).


Tel.: +34 973 702613

Fax: +34 973 702613

Address: Department of Environment and Soil Sciences, University of Lleida, Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure 191, E-25198 Lleida, Catalunya, Spain.