BadlandScan is a small research project (year 2010) granted by the Institute of Altoaragoneses Studies (IEA). The project aims (a) to study changes in badlands morphometry related to rainfall intensity and kinetic energy, and (b) to quantify sediment production and its temporal dynamics during a rainfall season. Badlands topography will be survey before and after rainfall events by means of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS). Regular close-range aerial photography will be obtain by means of a digital camera fixed in a helium balloon (BLIMP). Aerial photography will be used to study badland platform changes and compare those to the ones obtained by novel methodologies driven by TLS. A series of rainfall gauges will be spread over the badland to interpolate rainfall intensity. The research focuses on a small tributary of the Is√°bena River draining through highly erodible sediments.