Cristina Buendia

Cristina Buendía has an undergraduate degree on Environmental Sciences from the University of Barcelona (2008), a master's degree in Soil and Water Management from the University of Lleida (2010) and a doctoral degree from the University of Aberdeen (2013). Her PhD focused on the structural and functional response of invertebrate assemblages to sedimentation and the assessment of how spatio-temporal dynamics of fine sediment accumulation affect invertebrate distribution and abundance patterns. It was supervised by Dr. Chris Gibbins (Northern Rivers Institute, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) and co-supervised by Damià Vericat and Ramon Batalla (RIUS, University of Lleida, Spain). 

She later joined the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA, Girona) as a post-doctoral researcher. Her research focused on the assessment of climate and land use effects on the hydrological and sediment transport regime of Pyrenean Rivers. 

Cristina is currently working at the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance in Edmonton (Canada), where she is evaluating the main factors driving the flow reductions in a prairie river and lake level declines across the province of Alberta. 

Damià Vericat,
Aug 1, 2017, 6:51 AM