José Andrés López Tarazón

I am a fluvial geomorphologist with research interests in sediment transport (from its generation in the sediment sources, to its transport through the fluvial system, to its final deposition at the catchment outlets), fluvial processes (e.g. channel-bed evolution after impacts, flooding hazards, Eco-hydrogeomorphology), catchment hydrology and the affectation of global change over all of them. I have authored papers covering each of these areas. Since the start of my PhD I have published 39 papers in international journals (i.e. 3 papers per year), 1 database, and 41 book chapters. I have also edited 2 books and 2 special issues in SCI-Journals. I have acted as referee of a number of articles in international journals and I have reviewed several research proposals for different funding agencies too. Furthermore, I have been able to get funding for research projects from external agencies on my own as Principal Investigator (1 European project, 2 national projects, 1 regional projects) in the last 5 years for around 280,000 €. I have collaborated with some universities (e.g. the University of Lleida, the University of Potsdam, the University of the Balearic Islands, the Liverpool John Moores University) in several national and international research projects during the last 10 years (more than 18 million € in total). I have also participated in 38 conferences, both national and international, for a total of 84 contributions.

Since I started my PhD, I have been always funded by competitive programs; first a 4-yr PhD fellowship funded by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, then a postdoctoral contract at the University of Lleida (Spain) as Project Manager of a Consolider Project. In that project I was one of the Work-Package Project Managers on the ‘SCARCE’ Project at the University of Lleida (Spain), coordinating 12 different research teams spread all along Spain and more than 140 scientists from very different disciplines (e.g. geomorphologists, biologists, ecologists, chemists, economists, civil engineers). This project involved assessment and prediction of the impacts of climate change on water quantity and quality in Iberian rivers. After that, I have obtained three more research fellowships; first, a Beatriu de Pinós Research Fellowship to develop the project ‘Rivers and Global Change: Monitoring and Modelling Fluvial Processes in the Mediterranean Region’ at the University of Potsdam (Germany); second a Marie Curie-IEF to carry out the project ‘Effects of global change on hydro-geomorphological hazards in Mediterranean rivers (Floodhazards)’, again at the University of Potsdam (Germany); and third, a Vicenç Mut Research Fellowship at the University of the Balearic Islands to carry out the project “Assessment and prediction of water resources and flooding hazards in a global change context in Mallorca”. That project was addressed to apply the integrated approach developed during the Marie Curie fellowship to some river catchments in the island of Mallorca. All those post-doctoral positions, besides the regular scientific (e.g., publishing papers in international indexed journals), administrative (e.g., finances) and managing (e.g., reporting deliverables, following up the projects timeline, team coordination) tasks, involved monitoring and field sampling using state-of the art techniques (e.g., latest-generation terrestrial laser scanning systems, aerial (BLIMP, UAV) photography, Acoustic Doppler profiling, particle radiofrequency tracking systems, high-range turbidimeters, together with advanced automatic sampling stations, measuring wash and bed-load sediment transport and hydraulic parameters. The projects also required my contribution to data processing and analysis including the use of various GIS tools, geospatial analysis, and hydrological, sedimentological and hydraulic models.
Following that, I have been working for the Catalan administration, as Technical Supervisor of the Emergency Actions against Floods at the Catalan Forestry Agency and, currently, as the Technical Coordinator of the Inspection and Environment control Unit at the Catalan Water Agency.
During all my career, I have been involved in many different teaching and supervisory tasks. Specially, from 2013 to 2014, I worked as Lecturer in Geography at the Liverpool John Moores University, teaching to students of the three different levels of the Geography degree; I also was responsible of 2 more modules at third and fourth year students in the Geography degree at the University of the Balearic Islands. In all that, I delivered both theoretical lectures, laboratory and/or GIS practicals. Furthermore, I have also supervised a number of undergraduate and Master students at all the different universities in which I have been working on. I have been invited in several occasions to deliver lectures to different types of audience, from school students to world-recognized scientists. Finally, during the last years, I have organized several events, from sessions in conference until symposiums or international courses.

Damià Vericat,
Dec 11, 2020, 9:38 AM