Laura Elisabet Gonzalo

Laura has a degree in Geography from the University of Zaragoza and she has worked in research projects on the evaluation of the impact of the environment on fluvial systems, river restoration and sediment yield in burnt areas. Laura has also participated in the elaboration of the Hydrogeomorphological Index (IHG) and she collaborates in the Iberian Centre for Fluvial Restoration (Centro Ibérico de Restauración Fluvial, CIREF). She started to work with the RIUS group in 2010 researching the adaptation and impacts of macrophyte in the lower River Ebro. She also collaborates in field and laboratory work for the calculation of sediment transport in the lower Ebro.

Laura has recently started her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ramon Batalla and Dr. Damià Vericat. She is working in the SICMEC project, whose aim is to experiment and develop a cascade flushing flow programme for the hydrosedimentary restoration of the lower Ebro and its major tributaries.


Tel.: +34 973702895

Address: Department of Environmental and Soils Sciences, University of Lleida, E-25198 Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

Damià Vericat,
Sep 8, 2010, 7:57 AM